Award Ideas for your Outstanding Team Members

You don't want to give your creative, dynamic, and irreplaceable team of employees a "boring" award. This dichroic crystal spire is elegant, colorful, and can be imprinted in several areas. It's unique, kaleidoscopic colors are just as special as your employees will...

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How and When to Engage with First Time Donors

When nonprofits get a donation from a first-time donor online, they have several options. They can leave their donor with a cursory thank you message page after the transaction has completed, or they can go further to ensure that donor gives more! When a donor gives...

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10 Strategies to Promote Your Medical Practice

While health clinics appear to be invincible to a bad economy - there’s always sick people! - you can steer your practice in a positive and negative direction with your marketing choices. Maybe your clinic isn’t bringing in enough patients, or maybe you have a good...

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“How to Build an Effective Safety Program”

In the hard-hat job industry, safety is of grave importance. In 2016 alone, OSHA claims over 5,000 workers were killed on the job. That’s more than 14 deaths per day! On hazardous job sites, implementing safety measures should be a top priority for everyone involved....

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9 Steps to Start an Effective Recognition Program

The upcoming New Year can be the start of surprising transformations - we all want eat healthier, work harder, and start January with a big, successful bang! There is no reason your workplace should be an exception to this annual cleansing.  Show your employees that...

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The Magic of Employee Buy-In

We have all worked at jobs that were just that - jobs.Whether it was in an industry we didn’t care about, or a position we didn’t believe in, many of us spent a few of our younger years working at companies that we didn’t truly engage with. If you run a company, it’s...

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Inside the Amelioration at Award & Sign

Amelia "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." (Vincent Van Gogh)     Recognition…we've sold the products…awards…to thousands of customers that ultimately ended up in tens of thousands of grateful recipient's hands. Did I truly...

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